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Registered Players

The following link shows all registered players as of today (Sunday the 18th Feb). Please check your lists and take note of the players YOU have registered.


The fine for playing an unregistered player is 5pts per player and the result of the player (if they win) is also reversed.

This is your first and only warning

Full Team Summary – Updated 19/02/18 17:35

Winter 2017 2018 – Extra Player Reg Form

Annual General Meeting & Registration

The Annual General Meeting will be held at St Gregory’s Club on Wednesday the 17th January 2018. This is a mandatory meeting and all teams should send a representative to attend for the duration of the meeting otherwise there is a 2pt fine next season.

Any team wishing to make a AGM proposal should complete the following form and send to the League Secretary before the deadline. The proposing team also needs to be at the meeting in person.

Summer 2017 – Annual General Meeting – Proposal Form

On the same night, we will also take registration for the next season. Current teams who attend and register on the night will be guaranteed a place. Teams who do not attend and register chance missing out as we will accept registration of new teams to the league that night. These new teams will be accepted in the order of their registration. At present, we plan to stay at 4 divisions of 10 teams although if any oportunity presents itself to grow the league, we will do so.

Preston and District Pool League – Team Advertisement

Winter 2017 2018 – Team Registration Form

Winter 2017 2018 – Player Registration Form