Last Season Presentation Night

Clearly the focus has been on responding to the post lockdown COVID requirements and once able, quickly moving to getting the league back up and running as soon as possible.

We will now review and process options for the previous presentation night, trophies, winnings, etc. We will shortly announce our intentions with respect to what we wish to do.

We have had multiple inputs ranging from teams/individuals wanting or not wanted trophies, etc and we also need to engage with our supplier to check the situation on the previous order, availability of trophies, etc.

Match Cards & Player Registrations

Cards submitted that have names that cannot be read will not have player results updated. The team result will apply but no player result will be processed.

PLEASE PRINT the FULL player name and then sign.

Players registered are asked to please play under the name they registered under (or at least let us connect A to B so we know who you are! 😊)


Each individual must be responsible for their own actions and considerations of others 2. Each individual should show respect for those who wish to wear a face-covering.

Each individual should be considerate of those who may not want to shake hands, an elbow bump or some other gesture will suffice.

Each individual should respect any/all rules that the venue still has in place on match night (the home team to notify the away team in good time of any such rules).

Each individual must not rely on hand sanitizer being available at the venue, make sure they take
their own should they require it.

Rules & Regulations

Pro-Cup Balls

At the last AGM, a proposal to require the use of pro-cup balls at every pool match was proposed and voted in. Due to the COVID situation and financial pressures faced by all venues and the need to just get back to playing pool, we would ask that all venues do their best this season to meet this requirement but this will be enforced from the following season.

League Playing Age

At the end of last season, the committee were asked to rule on a case in which an underage player was found to be playing. We can only make decisions at the time we are made aware of them. We ruled on the case based on the regulations in play at that time. We discussed the matter with the parties involved and through an appeal process have concluded the matter and consider it now closed. Furthermore we committed to making an EGM request, through a formal vote on a change to the regulations. We completed this process through the team re-registration this season. The result of this vote was in favour of changing the regulation.

The minimum age to play in this Pool League is 14 years. Teams can, on formal request in advance (2 weeks’ notice), request approval for players under this age.

The committee will review and rule based on the circumstances and if approved, there will be a mandatory requirement to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the match at all times and with the full consent of the licensee.

If, however, a venue has a ‘No under 18’ ruling please let the committee know. If teams have players under 18 years of age they should contact the venue prior to travelling to ensure they will be allowed to play at that venue.

The penalty for not requesting approval in advance will mean the player is treated as an un-registered player