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League News

Division 2 – The Grapes have changed venue to Whittingham Sports & Social Club

Championship – Arkwrights have changed venue to the Lonsdale Club and will be called Lonsdale Reds.

Division 2– Hesketh Arms have changed venue to the Hendrys Club and will be called Hendrys HQ.

AGM Update – Proposals

Proposal 1 – (Ingol SC B) – Pro Cup Balls to be used as standard for all games (PASSED) – This will be a requirement for all venues from the start of next season.

NOTE – The committee have reviewed this regulation in regards to next season. This was passed by all teams. However, at a number of venues it is the venue which provides these balls.

As such, we will introduce an alignment period (Duration of next season) in which teams can start as they are now with the intention being that all venues have pro-cup balls in place for the following season. If venues can get there sooner, then this is recomended.

We will additonally investigate options for purchase of the balls in bulk to see if we can get better discounts, etc. We do have some options open to us.

ACTION – Any venue needing Pro-cup balls, please contact League Secretary to be added to the list. Once we have all needs, we can ascertain best way to obtain the balls at a suitable price which will be paid by the venue/teams.

Next Season Team Registrations

Teams NOT Registered (3)

Nets Bar (Possibly Dropping Out)
Hendrys Hatters (Dropping Out)
Longridge Con Club B (POSS NEW TEAM)


Registered Teams (34)

The Allsorts
Central Lounge Reds
Townley Arms (NEW TEAM)
Stags Head
Whittingham Club
Bull & Royal (Longridge)
Mill Tavern
Lostock Hall Legion A
Bamber Bridge Con Club
Hendrys Hangovers
Black Horse A
Hendrys Honeyz
Bamber Bridge FC
Hesketh HQ
Lonsdale Club
Con Club Warriors
St Gregorys Club
Fox & Lion
Elite Snooker Club
Lostock Hall Legion B
Black Bull (Longton)
Walton Arms B
Walton Arms A
Ingol SC C
Ingol SC B
?????? Fizzers (Venue Unknown)
The Thurlby Seven
Hospital Inn
Gregorys Goodfellas
Lea Club
Longridge Con Club A
Black Horse B

Next Season Paperwork

Player Registration

All you need to do is visit the ONLINE PAYMENTS page above and you can quickly and easily register the player and pay the registration fee by PayPal.

Rules & Regulations Reminder

League Calendar & Contacts

EGM Request for Vote

The committee were recently asked to rule on a case in which an underage player was found to be playing. We can only make decisions at the time we are made aware of them. We ruled on the case based on the regulations currently in play.

We have since discussed this matter with the parties involved and through an appeal process have concluded the matter and consider it now closed.

Furthermore we have committed to making an EGM request, through a formal vote on a change to the regulations. We will do this by asking each team captain/representative to complete a closed ballot paper when they visit Arkwrights to pick up their fixtures (and drop off their player form). We feel this is in the best interest of the league and the previous case.

We rule on the regulations as they are. Teams should be aware that when they submit a team, they formally agree to abide by the regulations. If teams would only read them, 99% of all issues faced by the committee would be avoided.

Regulation Change (For Next Season)PROPOSAL

The minimum age to play in this Pool League is 14 years. Teams can, on formal request in advance (2 weeks notice), request approval for players under this age. The committee will review and rule based on the circumstances and if approved, there will be a mandatory requirement to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the match at all times and with the full consent of the licensee.

If, however, a venue has a ‘No under 18’ ruling please let the committee know. If teams have players under 18 years of age they should contact the venue prior to travelling to ensure they will be allowed to play at that venue.

The penalty for not requesting approval in advance will mean the player is treated as an un-registered player.

League Tables

Fines & Adjustments

Week 1 – AGM Non-Attendance Fine (Last Season) – Con Club Fizzers – 2pts

Week 1 – AGM Non-Attendance Fine (Last Season) – The Grapes – 2pts

Week 13 – Non-Registered Player Fine (B Gretton) – Hesketh Arms – 5pts (Player has now been registered)

Week 13 – Non-Registered Player Fine (Jake Peters) – Longridge Con Club – 5pts (Player has now been registered)

Week 16 – Non-Registered Player Fine (Stuart Grisedale) – Black Horse B – 5pts (Player has now been registered)

Week 18 – Ineligible Player Fine – Con Club Fizzers – 5pts – Additionally any wins by this player have also been reversed.

Outstanding Matches


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