Singles & Pairs Entry

Use this page to make online payments using PayPal. Use the drop-down menus below to select a payment type.

If you MUST pay in cash, find Simon at a Sherwood match on a MONDAY night.

Deadline for Entries is MONDAY the 19th JUNE.

Key Competition Regulations

As notified to ALL TEAMS at the Annual General Meeting, many players are causing a number of scheduling problems in the individuals and pairs competitions and this is to the detriment of the league, our venues and our players.

Continued re-arrangements, in most cases without even bothering to tell the committee make it difficult to know who is in each draw and who will actually walk into a venue to play a game. Additionally, a number of players don’t even submit their results when they win. You the players tell us you are fed up with it. We the committee are fed up with it.

If players cannot commit to playing matches when they should be played, please don’t enter.


  • Regulation 6a – Players from other leagues CANNOT enter this league’s INDIVIDUALS or PAIRS competitions.
    • Regulation 6d – Re-arrangements are not allowed unless specifically requested and agreed with the committee prior to the match.

Regulation 6e – All Individuals and Pairs matches MUST be played by the date of the next round draw. Matches not played will result in both sides being removed from the competition. Exceptional circumstances can be used to allow progression as long as the committee have been so informed prior to the draw and have agreed with the reason supplied.

Individuals & Pairs – Confirmed Entries